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The climate activists gave a protest concert in the middle of the highway.

Farmers' organization Farmers Defense Force and Extinction Rebellion both protest in The Hague Extinction Rebellion again blocks the A12 in The Hague despite the ban. The police and the municipality warned that such a blockade is prohibited. They have told Extinction Rebellion that they can demonstrate elsewhere in The Hague, on the Koekamp. 

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Extinction Rebellion

The police have demanded the activists blocking the A12 to leave. There is a huge crowd of people present and police and emergency services are on their feet en masse. 


At the request of the municipality of The Hague, Rijkswaterstaat sprayed part of the Utrechtsebaan of the A12 this morning with a hot salt liquid. This prevents activists from sticking to the asphalt and ensures that the road surface is not damaged. Hundreds of activists are trying to get onto the Utrechtsebaan from different sides and the black cloths on the fences that were previously placed around the tunnel have been cut loose.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Extinction Rebellion

Today The Hague will have to endure it because two demonstrations of two action groups at the same time, which have nothing to do with each other and may even treat the other hostile, were announced. Farmers will demonstrate on Saturday from 12.00:XNUMX in the Zuiderpark and Extinction Rebellion will take action around the Utrechtsebaan from noon.

Farmers Defense Force 

After a shovel broke down a police barrier, fourteen trucks drove into the Zuiderpark in The Hague. Farmers Defense Force FDF) in the Zuiderpark an anti-government protest. For Geert Wilders, the protest of farmers' organization Farmers Defense Force was an excellent opportunity to call for a vote during the Provincial Elections next Wednesday.

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Many people carry inverted Dutch flags and wear red farmer's handkerchiefs.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Geert Wilders during Boerenprotest Zuiderpark The Hague

"The problem of the Netherlands is not the amount of nitrogen per hectare, but the number of idiots in this cabinet."

Mayor Van Zanen indicated last week that he would allow the farmers' demonstration in the Zuiderpark. He did, however, set a condition for the protest, namely that only two tractors would come to the park. Caroline van der Plas is not present at the farmers' protest in The Hague. 

“A number of things have happened in the past week that make me not feel safe enough to stand on stage at such a massive public gathering,” says the BBB leader. Yet it is a great shame that Caroline van der Plas cannot give a speech to her supporters so close to the elections because of serious threats. 

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Because the municipality feared a disruption of public order and safety, it announced an emergency order on Saturday morning. Tractors wanting to enter the city would be turned away or directed away from the city limits. On Saturday morning, dozens of tractors were already taken off the road on the N11 near Alphen aan den Rijn, the police reported.

nitrogen policy

The farmers' protests against nitrogen policy are a series of protest actions by various groups of Dutch farmers against government plans to curtail livestock farming in order to solve the nitrogen crisis. The first protest on October 1, 2019 was organized by Agractie and the Farmers Defense Force.

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