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The Provincial Council largely determine our mobility or transport poverty in our own region.

Just a little while and we'll go back into the voting booth. We believe that good accessibility of work and facilities such as care, education, cultural institutions and sports clubs is of great importance for the quality of life. The Provincial Council therefore play an important role in decision-making on matters that affect the province and its inhabitants, such as mobility, spatial planning, the economy and the environment. 

Elections for the Provincial Council take place once every four years and will be organized on March 15, 2023. During the Provincial Council, representatives are elected who make important decisions about the future of the province in which they were elected. Every vote is important for determining a new opportunity to work on better accessibility and quality of life in the region.

This can also affect mobility in their own region, as the delegates can make decisions about how money is spent on infrastructure projects, such as building or widening roads, establishing public transport and promoting alternative means of transport, such as cycling . In addition, the delegates can also draft or amend laws that affect mobility in the region, such as laws on parking or the use of certain modes of transportation.


It is therefore important to pay attention to who is elected to the Provincial Council, as their decisions can affect the way you can move around the region. The Provincial Council is the governing body of the province and consists of elected representatives from the various municipalities in the province. They have a number of important tasks, such as drafting policy and determining the budget for the province. They are also responsible for supervising the implementation of the policy by the provincial administrators. 

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The number of members of the Provincial Council depends on the number of inhabitants of a province. As the province with the fewest inhabitants, Zeeland has 39 members of the provincial council, while no fewer than 55 members of parliament take their seats in the South Holland states. The number of seats is based on the population on 1 January of the year preceding the Provincial Council elections. 

Members of the Provincial Council elect, together with the members of the electoral colleges, the first room. Not every Member of Parliament has the same voice. That wouldn't make sense either, because the provinces differ in population. The so-called voting value of each member of the provincial council depends on the number of inhabitants of the province they represent.

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Heidag Provincial Council 7 October 2022.

The Provincial Council spends their day off on contact between States and society. After all, a vital relationship between politicians and people from Brabant is of great importance for the confidence of people from Brabant in their administration, the support for decisions and the quality of those decisions. On that day, mirrors were held up by professionals and residents. 

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