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Crisis consultation between Trevvel and alderman Maarten Struijvenberg.

Marianne van den Anker, Municipal Ombudsman of Rotterdam, no longer accepts Trevvel director Arno van Haasterrecht's explanation. “They keep talking about it staff shortage, but we're the only city where it's such a mess”. It has been wrong for weeks at Trevvel, which takes students in special education to school. Hundreds of people complained because their child was not picked up or was picked up too late.

The alderman Struijvenberg has had enough. “We are now going to give priority to the children,” he says in a statement reaction with colleagues from PZC. This means that all other users of Trevvel Samen, including many elderly people, can no longer be transported during peak hours, except in urgent cases. The capacity will be used to solve the problems at Trevvel Route.

council meeting

According to MJW Struiveberg, we know that there are always complaints at the beginning of the school year, but the number is now too much. He also refers in the council meeting of September 1, 2022 to the contract and the transport obligation that forms the basis. “I know that there is a shortage of drivers in the Netherlands, but not of operators“. With this response, the alderman shows that communication with Trevvel needs to be much better. The fact that Trevvel is going to determine the school hours of the student is not acceptable to the alderman. 

Councilor Segers-Hoogendoorn of the CDA wonders how the Trevvel file is actually structured, given that these problems have been discussed for years. For the Party of the Animals, the children should be at school from tomorrow and they have the right to education. D66 is concerned about the booking stop where parents are told afterwards that no ride was booked at Trevvel. The tone is firm from the alderman MJW Struiveberg and somewhat surprises Trevvel. In doing so, he refers to the tone set by his predecessor towards the transport company.

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"I also spoke to Trevvel about their responsibility for student transport. Not driving is not a solution. That is why Trevvel now chooses to transport more children in the taxis. Children who normally drive alone can now board a maximum of two. Children who were previously in a van until four can be transported with a maximum of seven."

A spokesperson for the Rotterdam alderman says that many complaints have indeed been received about Trevvel in recent days. In addition to the personnel problems, the transport company also started with a new software system at the start of the new school year. That can also be a reason that they still have to adjust the transport and routes. Every distressing case is one too many, but it is not the drivers themselves. They get everything over them and work hard to get everything done as well as possible. 


Although Trevvel has had a difficult start after the summer, the Capelse problems are disproportionate to those in Rotterdam, according to the spokesperson, where complaints have rained in recent weeks. According to the Capel college, the start of the school year with regard to student food with Trevvel did not go as expected on the basis of the contract agreements made. This year they experience slightly more complaints from parents.

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