For the first time in two years there was a red carpet for the Circustheater in Scheveningen. A new version of the classic The Sound of Music had its Dutch premiere in the theater in The Hague. A bright spot, because the deserted seaside resort that normally sees many day tourists come in combination with an evening performance in the Circustheater is in a sad state. With the Pier and the Ferris wheel in the background, Scheveningen remains a seaside resort that is having a hard time these days. 

No shortage of patio chairs. A seaside resort that has thousands of empty terrace chairs at the start of the summer holidays. Where are the day tourists? Here and there we do hear German spoken, but perhaps all the negative publicity about parking and nuisance in Scheveningen has made tourists decide to visit other seaside resorts where they do feel welcome. Or is the pandemic still contributing to the fact that even a day at the sea is less fun than a day in your own garden? A great lack of customers in many restaurants. In the meantime, The Sound of Music can be heard in Scheveningen, to be precise until August 8th. 

staff shortage

Catering establishments must close their doors at midnight. Entertainment is also no longer allowed in the catering industry. This also applies to TV screens. It is one of the tightening of the corona policy that outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced during the last press conference. The measure will come into effect on Saturday 10 July and will apply until 13 August. But many catering establishments also have a hard time finding staff during the day and keeping everything running seven days a week. Who on Saturday afternoon at the Three Sisters Pub If you want to have lunch on the boulevard, it is worth the effort.

"Would you like something to eat? We don't have a cook until 16.00 pm."


Further in the same block towards Zwarte Pad vacancy. Brand new catering space is offered for rent. Another extra addition to the thousands of empty patio chairs that no one is willing to stick their neck out for at the moment. After years of recovery, vacancy rates are rising again, but we still counted more registrations for the catering industry at the Chamber of Commerce last year than there were deregistrations. Perhaps a 'unreliablegovernment is partly to blame for this situation. What is still possible today will simply be banned within 24 hours. With all the losses and consequences that entails for entrepreneurs.

The Keizerstraat is one of the 3 shopping streets in Scheveningen. With its location directly on the beach, it is the street to combine shopping and beach. There too Catering properties for rent from € 296,25 m²/year. But those who have sufficient financial resources can take over a beautiful beach pavilion on Scheveningen in all discretion. Enough to find to start a catering business in the hotspot of Scheveningen. For a basic rent of € 250.000 (per year excluding VAT) + turnover-dependent rent you can stay in the heart of the boulevard, surrounded by crowd pullers such as Sealife, Kurhaus, the Pier, Palace Promenade, Pathé, Circustheater, Holland Casino, Madurodam, museums, Ferris wheel and of course the beach.

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welcome to Scheveningen
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