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The Netherlands is getting ready to go on holiday again. This is evident from the recent figures of ANWB Verzekeren. For weeks, the sale of travel insurance has shown an increasing trend. The ANWB expects that with the further travel facilitations in Europe, the number of travel insurance policies will rise further towards the level of 2019, the peak year before the travel market came to a halt due to corona. Then, in the run-up to the holiday season, between 2.500 and more than 3.000 travel policies were taken out per week. It is a signal for the ANWB that the Dutch really want to go out again this summer. Compared to 2020, the ANWB sold more than 275% more travel insurance last week.

What does the ANWB travel insurance cover if I go on holiday to a country with green or yellow travel advice? Extra travel and accommodation costs, assistance and any repatriation costs if the corona virus breaks out again in the holiday country with yellow/green travel advice. This also applies if the holidaymaker gets corona himself. Additional travel and accommodation costs due to mandatory quarantine. Even if the travel advice 'jumps' to orange or red during the holiday, the holidaymaker is insured. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises you to leave the country, you must follow this advice. If you don't, you are still insured, but not for 'corona-related' events and costs. Also remember to take out cover for medical expenses. With this, the holidaymaker will also be reimbursed for the medical costs caused by a corona infection, according to the ANWB.

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