Last weekend, Lantis installed a new bicycle bridge over the E34 in Waaslandhaven-East. The new bicycle bridge replaces the temporary one and creates a smooth, safe and pleasant bicycle connection to Waaslandhaven. The bicycle bridge is 6 meters wide and offers a solution for the dangerous situation where cyclists cross the E34 together with the traffic towards the E34. The bicycle bridge is part of a larger shipyard, the construction of the roundabout at Waaslandhaven-East, which guarantees better access to that port complex. 

The Oosterweel works on the E34 started on 2 August 2019. The existing entrance and exit complex Waaslandhaven-East will be replaced by a new complex that will significantly improve safety and the smooth flow of traffic for all road users. For cyclists we provide a wide cycle path along the E34, a cycle bridge over the E34 and a cycle tunnel under the Canadastraat. In this way we ensure a smooth, safe and pleasant bicycle connection to Waaslandhaven.

“Bicycle safety and cycling comfort are top priorities in my road safety policy. The basic condition for getting more people to cycle, however, is that cycling is safe. Extra and accelerated efforts are needed to increase road safety. The temporary bicycle bridge is one of the measures we took to guarantee commuter traffic by bicycle during the Oosterweel works as well. ”


Before the Oosterweel works cyclists crossed the E34 together with the traffic towards E34. This was a dangerous and unpleasant situation. At the start of the works in this zone (August 2019), a temporary bicycle bridge over the E34 was put into use. The new bicycle bridge will be opened at the beginning of 2022. Until then, the temporary bicycle bridge will remain in use.

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Photo: Lydia Peeters - Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works
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