The federal government announced plans for greening the vehicle fleet through various tax incentives. From Flanders, the Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters is already strongly committed to the roll-out of charging infrastructure. In the Flemish Resilience recovery plan, of which the first progress report was presented yesterday, 30 million euros is provided for this, good for 30.000 charging equivalents (CPE) by 2025. Minister Peeters also wants to map the potential locations for charging points quickly and efficiently via potential maps. 

In 2021, 10 million euros has been provided for ultrafast charging infrastructure along the motorways. Furthermore, there is also 5 million for (semi-) public charging infrastructure and the expansion of the basic network of slow chargers. I want charging infrastructure in a non-public domain to be made accessible to everyone. For 2022, 10 million is planned to ensure a well-connected network of slow and faster chargers throughout Flanders and another 5 million to ensure that at least every 25 km along the motorways and major traffic axes (ultra) fast charging infrastructure.

“In Flanders, the ambitions for electric driving are high. That is why I plan to provide 2025 charging points by 35.000, perfectly in line with the European target, namely 1 public charging station per 10 electric cars. I certainly welcome the federal plans to further stimulate the switch to electrification. In addition to the ongoing calls for charging points, we continue to monitor everything and make adjustments if necessary. By constantly monitoring the evolution of the number of electric cars, we can switch quickly if necessary. ”

The procedure for installing a public charging station takes a lot of time and must be shorter. Minister Peeters wants to save time by mapping out potential locations in advance. These potential maps are in preparation and should be ready by the end of this year.

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