There is a lot of offer in the field of parking apps in the Netherlands, but the differences in price and service offered have so far been small. This will change with the introduction of Gaiyo street parking. Gaiyo does not charge transaction or subscription costs for parking campaigns and offers many useful additional transport functions. One app for all your transport, that's Gaiyo. Whether it concerns route planning, traffic jam overview, buying a train ticket or booking partial transport, in Gaiyo you take care of all your transport matters. The option to pay for your street parking campaigns in the app was therefore a necessity. As of today, the Gaiyo street parking widget can be used throughout the Netherlands.

More than just parking

The biggest advantage of the Gaiyo street parking function over the use of a regular parking app is without a doubt that the Gaiyo app offers many additional mobility functions. For example, do you have to be in the city center of Amsterdam, but you don't want to pay € 7,50 per hour for parking? Plan your trip in Gaiyo very easily with a P + R as an intermediate destination and book your subsequent transport (public transport, shared bike or shared scooter) in this app. And when you are done with your parking action and want to know if it continues a bit on the highways, Gaiyo will show you the relevant traffic information, including any delays you may incur to your next destination.

Parking overview

Because the company behind Gaiyo, Innovactory, wants to make mobility as accessible and flexible as possible, the new street parking function is equipped with many useful gadgets. Based on your location, Gaiyo scans, for example, which parking garages, P + Rs and parking zones can be found in your area. The app immediately shows you all parking options, with the corresponding rates. This way you can easily see where you can park your car cheapest in the area and where the blue zones are. If you choose the map view of the parking function, you can also easily see in which areas you park for free.

“We are very pleased that we have made Gaiyo even more transparent with the introduction of this parking widget. With the absence of transaction costs and the many extra functions that the app offers, Gaiyo is the better alternative to existing parking apps

The cheapest parking app in the Netherlands

Those who want to save on parking are in the right place Gaiyo so a good one. If only because you do not pay any transaction costs for your parking actions. In comparison: with other parking apps you usually pay 30 cents per parking action. This makes Gaiyo the cheapest 'parking app' in the Netherlands in one fell swoop. Adding license plates is also free in Gaiyo. Very handy, especially if you occasionally use a shared car.

View your parking campaign The current parking costs can be viewed in the app at any time. And those who sometimes forget to stop their parking campaign can give Gaiyo permission to send a free push reminder message every hour. It is also possible to specify a (generous) end time for your parking campaign. If you stop the parking campaign before the specified end time, you simply pay for the actual parking duration.

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