The coastal strip is the main attraction of The Hague and especially during a heat wave, many tourists come to the Boulevard and the beach to sunbathe. Of course, the sea offers a refreshing dip in Scheveningen. Unfortunately, there are visitors who cause nuisance, especially in good weather. This is not new, but there appears to be additional nuisance this year.

Residents and entrepreneurs have therefore sounded the alarm at the municipality of The Hague. The municipality, together with the police, has drawn up an attack plan to combat the nuisance. Especially during sunny days there is noise pollution from racing vehicles. Groups of loitering youths use alcohol, soft drugs and laughing gas and leave behind rubbish.

At the port, young people also cause nuisance and sleep in the dunes. The coronavirus provides extra visitors. The Dutch go on holiday more in their own country and young people are bored. Many tourists also come to Scheveningen from neighboring countries. Good for the local economy, but it also creates extra pressure on the coast and the adjacent neighborhoods.

plan of attack

De municipality has drawn up an action plan against the nuisance together with the police. At busy times, roads such as the Strandweg are closed and speed-reducing measures are applied. There are extra police checks and the police imposes driving bans when using nitrous oxide.

In addition, a ban is being worked out on the use of laughing gas and soft drugs on the boulevard, as there is already an alcohol ban. In addition, there is extra effort from the police and extra BOAs are hired. The municipality uses SUS teams to tackle the nuisance and to address groups about their behavior. These teams consist of hired security guards.

In the harbor, the quays of the first harbor are closed and the dive site near the passage. In addition, there are extra checks and camera surveillance. In recent weeks there have been extra checks and fines for traffic violations, public intoxication and noise pollution.

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Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel Scheveningen
Enforcement Scheveningen
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