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For months, many airlines have literally been grounded because of the measures surrounding the corona crisis. This has resulted in enormous financial problems for many companies. EasyJet has also suffered from this and has to cut back and has therefore had to cut jobs, among other things. Slowly it is getting busier again at the airports and in the air. Many people still do not dare to travel in these uncertain corona times and are afraid of becoming infected with the corona virus. The airlines are still far behind in terms of the number of flights during these normally busy times. These months are normally the busiest times of the year for the airlines. It will probably also take a long time before the number of flight movements returns to the 'normal' level.

EasyJet has been inactive for about 11 weeks and has only been flying again since June 15. The British airline EasyJet has already planned a few more flights than they had expected in advance. Fortunately, bookings are picking up again, they had estimated to fly at 30 percent of their normal capacity between July and September, but this is 40 percent between July and September of the normal capacity. So they will increase their capacity faster than expected. Now that most of the borders in Europe have been opened again, the demand for airline tickets and holidays is also increasing. They expect to operate around 1000 flights per day in August.

“Our bookings for the remainder of the summer are performing better than expected and as a result we have decided to expand our fourth quarter schedule by 40% capacity. This increased flight will allow us to connect even more customers with family or friends and to take the breaks they have worked hard for, ”said Johan Lundgren, president of the airline EasyJet.

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