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It has long been uncertain, but France is also opening its borders to tourists, in the list of more and more countries where tourists are welcome under strict conditions this summer. That was what Prime Minister Edouard Philippe made tonight known. According to him, travel restrictions between EU countries can be lifted from 15 June if the health situation still allows it.

Consultations with neighboring countries must still take place. Meanwhile, the group of experts to lead Belgians out of the corona crisis wants to review the rule of four at the next National Security Council.

Meanwhile, it is also clear that France will relax the corona measures in its own country from next Tuesday. For example, cafes and restaurants reopen in areas where the virus is under control, the so-called “green zones”. A maximum of 10 people will be allowed to sit at one table, and there should be a distance of 1 meter between the tables. The French will also be free to drive around the country again and the parks will open again. 

On May 15, 2017, he was appointed Prime Minister of France by President Emmanuel Macron. The Philippe II government followed the Philippe I government three days after the 18 June 2017 parliamentary election.

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French borders open
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