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Today, the Royal Dutch Transport sector association came out with its own sector protocol. KNV worked together with unions as carefully as possible, using the general measures of RIVM and protocols in other sectors. There is no official government approval, but this is also the case for most protocols and guidelines in other sectors. 

entrepreneurial risk

Application of the protocol therefore falls under the business risk. KNV indicates that it is taking too long for RIVM to answer all the questions that were submitted. Time is running out and, given the start of the VSO on 1 June, they want to provide the members with information so that transporters, their clients and the schools can prepare as well as possible for a good and safe start of transport.

For that reason it has KNV, in coordination with the trade unions FNV and CNV, last night decided, taking everything as carefully as possible, to create that desired clarity and to extend the current protocol for student and childcare transport with measures for transport for secondary special education (VSO). . The main line is that when observing 1,5 meters is impossible, a triage must be carried out in advance in the manner prescribed by RIVM prior to transport.

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