It seems that the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) is advising the cabinet that primary school children can return to primary schools in small groups. Sports should also be possible again, according to the OMT. There is as yet no general relaxation of the measures and working from home remains the message. 

The team, consisting of experts in various areas, is leading in the decision taken by the cabinet on Tuesday evening regarding the corona measures. From conversations that the NOS has had, the picture emerges that the OMT has mainly discussed the conditions that must be met before primary schools can open again. A framework has been established for schools to work on preparing for reopening.

It is not disputed that the infections in children in most cases do not lead to serious complaints. But there is a lot of uncertainty about the degree of contagion of children with a mild infection or an infection without symptoms.

catering industry remains closed

According to RTL news, the OMT would further advise to keep the catering industry closed until at least May 16 and to cancel events until September or October. Healthcare institutions should gradually be given space to expand the visiting arrangement so that one or two people can visit.

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