For some it is a ritual to watch the news in the morning with a cup of coffee or to read a newspaper at breakfast. Others prefer to stay informed via their smartphone. That is why we now immediately put the latest news online via our Pitane Blue news app. This keeps you constantly informed, wherever you are.

It took a while, but now we have our own news app in the Netherlands and Belgium that focuses entirely on mobility. You can indicate what you find interesting, after which the app will list the news for you. The app is available for iOS in the App Store for Android devices in the PlayStore. All remarkable facts and latest news is collected by category.

With the Pitane Blue app you can read articles in the palm of your hand on all kinds of topics from the taxi sector, Mobility as a Service, public transport, aviation and especially a lot about mobility in all possible forms. That is a big mountain of news. The app is offered for free as a service of the Pitane BV in Eindhoven.

various mobility services

The app is also available for Android tablets or your trusted iPad and gives you the opportunity to search for news yourself in a clear way. The maker of the app wants to offer more and more free services in this way. The app is very useful when you are on the go. Today it is already possible to search for all electric charging stations in the immediate vicinity and to navigate directly to this location from the app. In the future, more and more extra services for mobility will become available within this app.

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own editorial staff and access for press releases

The Pitane Blue app focuses mainly on news from homegrown sources, written by its own editorial staff. In addition, we offer the possibility for companies and organizations to easily distribute remarkable news or own (innovation) news about mobility to a very large audience.

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Pitane Blue App
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