Book a taxi anywhere in the Netherlands and pay wherever you are. With Pitane Arrive you choose the pick-up location, time and destination. You can then choose from the different cars offered and price ranges. You see the fare in advance and pay via the app on your phone, so no more hassle in the taxi. Waiting for the taxi is a matter of following along on the map when your taxi arrives. 

It is now possible to book a taxi anywhere in the Netherlands and pay with Pitane Arrive. This was confirmed by the Eindhoven software company, which recently successfully placed the Pitane Driver APP in the AppStore and Google PlayStore. The brand new booking app is intended to enable travelers to make the last mile booking via mobile phone in a very user-friendly way. 

Much attention was also paid to the payment of the journey orders, so that the new app can be used for all bookings with pre-agreed amounts. An additional advantage is that you can expect an automatic e-mail confirmation with a specified invoice from the relevant transport company when paying in advance.

Safety is the most important requirement for entrepreneurs

In order to be able to plan and process journeys efficiently, Pitane Arrive uses its own Pitane Mobility network because it is important to know where the vehicles are. Control and safety are guaranteed by the Track & Trace system that is mandatory for entrepreneurs. 

In addition to the companies that are connected to the Pitane Mobility network, other companies can also offer their services via a handy API (Application Programming Interface). Via this API will karhoo offering its ride orders on the Dutch market. Think of transport expansions for bookings of hotel rooms and flights and the associated taxi rides to and from the airport or the expansion of transport from each railway station.

Quality and choice of companies

Via Pitane Arrive, entrepreneurs who offer their services within the new app in the Netherlands are carefully selected on the basis of the TX-Keur Taxi Mark and / or the NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 certification. With this, the booking app meets all the requirements that you as a traveler can set for a carefree booked taxi ride. Pitane Arrive is a development of Pitane BV which is exclusively placed in the market by censys BV in Eindhoven.

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Book a taxi via Pitane Arrive
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