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The Israeli secret service will monitor the mobile phones of corona patients to prevent the spread of the virus. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced this at a press conference. The emergency measure is introduced outside parliament and is valid for one month. This type of tracking technology is already used in Israel to combat terrorism, and now also with corona patients.

cell phone may also contain coronavirus

In times when the coronavirus is there, the most important thing is to destroy the virus on your cell phone, but previously circulated advice is now obsolete. In addition to washing hands well, it is very important to avoid or disinfect surfaces contaminated by frequent contact. The Smartphone is one of them. There is a risk that, for example, by holding a virus-infected doorknob, mouse, cup, etc., you transfer this corona virus to your mobile phone, even if you have thoroughly washed your hands with soap before touching the device.

Smartphone also contains coronaviruses so it is about eliminating the coronavirus on your phone so that it can no longer penetrate into other cells (your body) and make you sick. According to some researchers, smartphones are at least involved in the transmission of the virus to corona patients. Caution is advised with viruses according to research because, for example, the coronavirus can persist on the cell phone for a few days, it was discovered even after 72 hours in a US study of plastic and metal surfaces.

how to clean the smartphone properly

Until recently, all consultants agreed never to clean smartphones with aggressive cleaning agents, which they say would affect the grease-resistant coating on modern smartphones. But this advice is considered outdated.

According to the "Wall Street Journal(WSJ) Apple removed this warning in mid-March 2020 and now even orders on the support page that owners can clean their Apple products with disinfectants.

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