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Taxis in Brussels install a protection between the driver and passengers. The taxi sector is experiencing the consequences since the introduction of the first restrictive measures linked to the corona virus last weekend. Shopping is becoming increasingly rare, tourists, for example, have left Brussels, as well as business and fair customers.

Abdessamad Sabani comes with a solution for the major shortages in the taxi company and the boarding market. 

“I consulted a doctor and asked what we could set up. He suggested using the New York or London system, which is a separation between the driver and his rear passengers. Mostafa Beggar, responsible for adapting vehicles for the transport of people with reduced mobility, was contacted and a solution was found, " Abdessamad Sabani.

the shortage in the entry market is over 70%.

A solution may have been found for the large shortages in the entry-level market. Sabani, manager of the Brussels Taxis Fed, the Brussels taxi federation, announces that for drivers who wish, they can install a device between the driver and the customer, significantly reducing the potential risk of contamination at Covid-19. It is a thick plastic, suspended from a rail, placed behind the driver's seat.

forced to stop

Many taxi companies in Belgium are forced to stop driving due to the consequences of the corona virus. The Ghent taxi company V-Tax no longer comes out and closed the doors of all taxis last Wednesday. Signs reach us that bcompanies that are active in Mutas and healthcare transport drive the numbers to drop to less than 30% of the normal numbers. 

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With these numbers, companies cannot survive and are forced to rely on all emergency measures offered by the government. Mutas does not only provide medical assistance abroad. In a number of regions in Belgium, they provide transport for the affiliated health insurance funds and PCSWs, which they outsource to taxi companies or control companies.

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