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With the exception of a few Transavia aircraft that left today, Eindhoven Airport is an airport where some lost travelers quietly wait to fly home. In contrast to all other supermarkets in the Netherlands, it is not a question of queuing or hoarding here.

The once busy airport now offers a bleak sight. RIVM indicates that checking travelers arriving at airports such as Eindhoven Airport is not an appropriate measure. If travelers were currently being checked for a fever, people with flu or a cold in particular would be detected.

During our visit we saw some waiting passengers with a mask on their feet looking for information in the airport to fly home. All but two of the service counters are now closed. The always busy restaurant La Place on the first floor is closed and 'shopping' in the airport is no longer there. It is safe because the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee keeps a close eye on everything.

A taxi driver is nowhere to be found at the airport. The Bravo regular service between Eindhoven Airport and Central Station is available, but no passengers here either. The airport is extinct due to the corona virus that has everything in its grip.

private flights in the elevator

With a view from our office of the runway, we note that the number of flights by private jets has increased. From Eindhoven Airport, there has been an increase of 20 percent at First Class Aviation since the corona outbreak.

Due to the corona virus, several flights have been canceled. Check the website of your airline for current flight information.

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