Munich is the city par excellence where there is always something going on. It may be known to many of us from it Oktoberfest but many business people also know the city from the many conferences that take place there.

Public transport is no problem in this city, but the taxi is also an absolute must. Transport from the airport to the hotel in the old town is well organized for around EUR 75. Commute between Mariënplatz and Theresienwiese (short “WiesnCalled) is possible for about 13, - Euro. For that money you are therefore at the main entrance of the Oktoberfest site.

About 3600 taxis are driving around Munich. During one of the many trips, it is the perfect opportunity for us to investigate and to question the driver about his daily income.

“Munich is a vibrant city where every taxi driver can earn a living. There is always something to do and there is a continuous demand for taxis from the airport to the congress halls ”, according to our taxi driver Thomas.

Just give me the old trusted diesel.

Many cars run day and night. Only the cars of the independent entrepreneurs are occasionally parked. It can generally be said that it continues day and night. 

Electric transport in Munich is minimal. Thomas says that his driving range is far too small. When asked when his Mercedes will be electric, he says that Mercedes has been promising for years that something will come, but everything is priceless for the taxi companies. 

“Uber is also present here, but they now have the name that they ask the regular customers an excessive amount for a ride to the airport. Sometimes up to 120 euros per ride. If you are a new customer with them, the same ride costs only 40, - Euro. It's a question of attracting customers, but the more you use Uber, the more you will pay, ”says Thomas at the checkout of our taxi ride.

Glad the Oktoberfest is over again

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Stephan is a little less enthusiastic about the past few weeks and is happy that the party weeks are over and Munich can live again with tourists and business people.

"The parties are bad for the real tourism we live on. Hotel rooms are two to three times more expensive than normal and restaurants have special more expensive price lists within the Oktoberfest period. That is very bad for real tourism. In recent weeks we have only transported drunken festival visitors and the average ride price was below 15, - EUR. Everything in Munich suddenly became much more expensive during these weeks, except the taxi prices, the meter has not changed. ”

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Theresienwiese in Munich
Taxi in Munich
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