The first Breda taxi hallmark certificates are awarded. Twenty taxi drivers passed the mandatory test and applied for the permit to ensure a better quality of taxi transport, according to Breda Today.

Boaz Adank, Alderman for Mobility and Accessibility, will hand out the certificates on Wednesday together with Paul Martens, the chairman of the Breda Quality Taxi Foundation. “This is an important step towards improving the quality of our street taxi transport,” said Adank in a press release. “And that was necessary. The Foundation and the taxi industry will jointly ensure further improvement. After all, taxi drivers are often visitors' first contact with the city. Breda's calling card. With a hospitable reception and a reliable driver, people really feel welcome. ”

The certificates must ensure 'safe, good and reliable taxis with drivers who know the way, also drive short journeys and who are hospitable and representative', according to the municipality in a press release. Martens is also positive. “The foundation has worked energetically and more than 100 taxi liquor brands have already been applied for. This is a good business! The presentation of the quality mark certificates is a nice marking moment. ”

In October 2018, the city council appointed the Breda taxi regulation fixed with the aim of improving the quality of taxi transport. The mandatory taxi license and certificate will apply from 1 September 2019 to drivers who work from a Breda taxi rank. 110 Taxi drivers have registered for the course. To obtain the quality mark, they must have sufficient knowledge of the city and the streets and know what is involved in hospitable taxi transport. The taxi with the quality mark must be recognizable to customers and enforcers.

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