Schreurs Passenger transport, responsible for a large part of the taxi transport in the Roermond region, is bankrupt. The bankruptcy was pronounced by the court in Maastricht on Tuesday after the staff were previously informed the night before. 

According to director Marlies van de Venne-Schreurs, the company has been in severe weather for some time and the reason for the bankruptcy lies in the small profit margins in the taxi world. 

"There are plenty of assignments, but rates are going down while costs are rising. What also plays a role in this regard, according to the company, is that the government is cutting back considerably on taxi transport for awbz and wmo, and health insurers are no longer raising or even lowering the rates. ”

In the last year, the company was looking for cost reductions to absorb declining sales. In the past year, for example, the management changed the software supplier for the software on its schedule three times and an external advisor was appointed to support the management.

Van de Venne-Schreurs says that the company will no longer continue

Services to clients, patients and students, among others, will not be affected by the bankruptcy, the company emphasizes. 

In September of this year, the company is said to have existed for 71 years, it said The Limburger. Herman Schreurs started the company more than seventy years ago on the Willem II Singel in Roermond. The company is now located at the Schipperswal in Roermond and has a fleet of approximately fifty vehicles.

Haico Dings van Huver advocaten has been appointed as curator. He is talking to other transport companies to see whether a takeover is possible in the short term. More clarity is needed in the course of next week. Van de Venne-Schreurs says that she will in any case no longer continue the company.

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