Speed ​​reduction to save oil

In addition to a reduction in the maximum speed, the IEA's ten-point plan also suggests that people work from home more often. If the government decides to lower the maximum speed on highways in order to save oil, the majority of the Dutch would support this. Sixty percent are behind

Flight tax probably to 24 euros per flight

The air passenger tax means that flying from Dutch airports will become more expensive. The flight tax is expected to triple, from about 8 euros to about 24 euros per flight. This is stated in the elaboration of the Dutch plans to call on European billions from the recovery and resilience fund. In

Major maintenance on Aalsmeerbaan

Due to major maintenance, the Aalsmeerbaan near Schiphol will be out of use for three months. The work will start on Monday and will last until mid-July. The aircraft that normally land or depart on this runway must divert to Buitenveldertbaan, Schiphol-Oostbaan and Kaagbaan. According to the airport, this leads to extra noise nuisance for