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Most of the properties correspond to a fuel car, but an electric car entails different risks.

ZLM Insurance was the first to enter the insurance world by being the first major Dutch insurer to introduce separate insurance for electric cars. This development is the result of the growing popularity of electric vehicles in the Netherlands and the unique challenges they pose.

The new insurance, which came into effect this month, distinguishes itself by specifically addressing the technological differences between electric cars and traditional fuel cars. According to a ZLM spokesperson: “Electric cars do not use fossil fuel, but are equipped with a battery pack. This entails other risks. That is why we have adjusted our conditions and premiums to cover these risks.”

Customers who had already insured their electric car with ZLM before January 1, 2024 will automatically benefit from the new conditions and premiums. The insurer wants to support existing customers in the transition to more sustainable means of transport.

One of the striking features of the new insurance is the inclusion of the charging cable and mobile charging unit in the coverage. This means that damage to these essential parts of an electric car is covered, provided they are in the car or attached to it. This decision highlights the importance of these accessories for electric car owners.

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - Fastned charging station

Another important service in the new insurance is roadside assistance in the event of a discharged battery. ZLM hereby recognizes the reality that electric cars sometimes unexpectedly run out of battery charge faster, partly due to the influence of the weather or the lack of available charging stations. This addition to the insurance offers an extra layer of security and convenience for drivers.

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This strategic move by ZLM reflects the broader trend in the automotive industry and the insurance world, whereby increasing attention is being paid to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Electric cars are rapidly gaining popularity in the Netherlands, partly due to government subsidies and growing concerns about climate change.

ZLM's decision to... separate insurance for electric cars can also be seen as a response to changing market needs. With the increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road, there is a growing demand for insurance products that are tailored to the specific characteristics and risks of these vehicles.

This innovative move by ZLM could be a catalyst for other insurers to offer similar products, which could further fuel the growth of electric cars. It is a clear signal that the insurance industry is adapting to the new realities of modern road traffic.

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