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First register and then you will have a ticket that is valid from December 31, 18 p.m. to January 1, 23.59:XNUMX p.m.

In Limburg, an important initiative is being developed during New Year's Eve to guarantee road safety and prevent drunk driving. This year, the province, municipalities and De Lijn will provide free party buses on at least 20 lines throughout Limburg. The initiative, which was also organized last year, offers a safe alternative for residents participating in the New Year's Eve celebrations.

Bert Lambrechts, deputy of the Province of Limburg and member of N-VA, emphasizes the cooperation between the provincial government, De Lijn and 28 participating municipalities. The project reflects the province's commitment to making public transportation affordable and accessible to everyone. The importance of bringing revelers home safely during New Year's Eve is particularly emphasized.

This year, 31 party buses will run on 1 lines on December 25 and January 20. The free transport is made possible by the participation of 29 Limburg municipalities. Residents of these municipalities can register until 17 p.m. on December 31register via the De Lijn website to receive a free SMS ticket, valid from December 31, 18 p.m. to January 1, 23.59:XNUMX p.m.

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To ride for free, text the word EVENT to 4884 before you get on, using the mobile number you entered on the website.

The New Year's Eve lines, a total of 10 night lines, cover almost all of Limburg. Residents from municipalities that do not participate in the project can also use these lines, but then pay a special rate of 4 euros for a New Year's Eve ticket. This ticket is also valid on all lines during the mentioned period.

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This approach is an excellent example of how local authorities work together to ensure safety during public holidays and promote responsible driving behaviour. Providing free transport sends a clear message that there is no excuse for drunk driving, especially during a high-risk period such as New Year's Eve. This initiative contributes to reducing traffic accidents and promotes a safe and festive atmosphere for all residents of Limburg.

In total you can count on 20 party lines, spread across the entire province.

  • 403 Hasselt – Houthalen-Helchteren – Peer – Pelt

  • 404 Hasselt – Genk – Maasmechelen – Dilsen-Stokkem – Maaseik

  • 405 Hasselt – Diepenbeek – Bilzen – Lanaken – Maastricht

  • 408 Genk – As – Opglabbeek – Gruitrode – Bree – Bocholt – Pelt

  • 410 Hasselt – Wellen

  • 414 Tessenderlo – Hasselt

  • 415 Hasselt – Houthalen-Helchteren – Hechtel-Eksel – Peer

  • 416 Lanaken – Zutendaal – Genk – Hasselt

  • 417 Alken – Hasselt

  • 418 Hasselt – Heusden-Zolder – Leopoldsburg

  • 419 Bree – Meeuwen-Gruitrode – Genk

  • 421 Kinrooi – Bree – Bocholt – Peer

  • 425 Hamont-Achel – Pelt

  • 426 Pelt – Hamont

  • 428 Lommel – Workshops – Heeserbergen – Lutlommel – Barrier – Pelt

  • 431 Hasselt – Kortessem – Tongeren

  • 434 Voeren: Teuven – Moelingen

  • 435 Maaseik – Bree – Bocholt

  • 437 Genk – Zutendaal – Bilzen – Hoeselt – Tongeren

  • 438 Maaseik – Elen – As – Genk

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