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The planned upgrades in the Michiel de Ruijter tunnel, including improvements to the public address system and camera security, are essential to ensure the safety of road users and to guarantee a quick response to any incidents.

The Michiel de Ruijter tunnel in Amsterdam, located under the De Ruijterkade near Central Station, undergoes regular maintenance to ensure road safety and functionality. This tunnel, which forms a crucial traffic artery between east and west in the city, is part of the S100 and is therefore an important link in Amsterdam's mobility.

Maintenance work takes place on average once every two months, during which time the tunnel is temporarily closed to all traffic. The next closure is scheduled from Monday, December 4, 21.00:5 PM to Tuesday, December 06.00, XNUMX:XNUMX AM. 

During these periods, motorists are diverted via the inner ring S100, which includes routes along Nassaukade, Stadhouderskade, Mauritskade and Panamalaan. This ensures that traffic experiences as little disruption as possible despite the temporary closure of the tunnel. The diversions and alternative routes are integrated into popular route planners such as Google Maps, Waze and Flitsmeister, which makes trip planning easier for residents and visitors of the city.

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Photo: Cisko router - Michiel de Ruijtertunnel Amsterdam

The maintenance and upgrades to the Michiel de Ruijter tunnel are part of a broader initiative by the municipality of Amsterdam to modernize and optimize the traffic infrastructure.

The maintenance work on the Michiel de Ruijter tunnel is not only limited to routine checks, but also includes upgrades to essential systems such as the public address system and cameras. These upgrades are part of a larger plan to standardize the operation of the tunnel systems in Amsterdam. As a result, all five road tunnels in the city will ultimately be operated and monitored in the same efficient manner from a new traffic control center, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2025.

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The strategic location and importance of the Michiel de Ruijter tunnel for mobility in Amsterdam underline the need for regular and thorough maintenance. These works are crucial to ensure a safe and smooth flow of traffic, which is vital for a city like Amsterdam where mobility plays a key role in both daily life and the economy.

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