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Tim Vandenput has announced that he will not stand for election in the 2024 Federal elections.

Belgian representative and mayor of Hoeilaart Tim Vandenput (Open Vld), has announced that he will not stand for election in the Federal elections in June 2024. This decision may be an important shift in his political career, in which he will focus on his role as mayor and his passion for the aviation sector.

“Last night I decided not to stand for an eligible position on the liberal list of Open VLD at the Federal elections in June 2024. I will therefore no longer sit in parliament from then on,” said Tim Vandenput.

Vandenput, who has been in Parliament for a decade, has indicated that his work in Hoeilaart, a municipality in the Grape Region, gives him more satisfaction than his role in national politics. This choice highlights his commitment to the local community and his desire to spend more time with family and friends.

During his parliamentary career, Vandenput mainly focused on security files, including those for Defense, Police and Fire Department. He also actively followed the file on Zaventem airport, an important issue for his constituency. His decision to retire from national politics came as a surprise to many, but he remains committed to his role as mayor of Hoeilaart.

Vandenput has already announced his candidacy for the position of mayor for the municipal elections of October 13, 2024. He emphasizes the strength of his team, Team 1560, and his intention to improve Hoeilaart even further. He expresses his gratitude to all who supported him in his political career and promises to continue to work for the community of Hoeilaart.

The decision of Tim Vandenput (52) to withdraw from national politics and not to stand for election in the 2024 Federal elections has evoked mixed reactions. While many praise his dedication to the municipality of Hoeilaart, others see his departure as a significant loss for the aviation sector in the Belgian Parliament.

Vandenput, known for his expertise and experience in the aviation sector, is seen by some as a crucial voice against so-called “anti-aviation populism” in politics. His knowledge and insight into this complex industry was valuable in Parliament, where he actively followed files and was involved in key decision-making.

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Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister of Mobility & Public Works and party colleague of Vandenput, has publicly expressed her support for his decision and wished him success in his future projects.

His decision is seen by many as a difficult but personal choice, prioritizing his local responsibilities and personal passions over his national role. Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister of Mobility & Public Works and party member of Vandenput, has expressed her support and wished him good luck in his future ventures.

With the 2024 municipal elections looming and his intention to continue as mayor of Hoeilaart, Vandenput will likely focus more on local issues and community projects. This choice emphasizes his commitment to his municipality, but also raises questions about who will take over his role for Open VLD in Parliament in the field of aviation policy.

Photos: Tim Vandenput – LinkedIn.

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