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Technological innovations can contribute to a safe ride while at the same time respecting the rights of individuals.

Bolt claims to improve the safety of drivers and passengers by adding a recording function in the app that can be activated during the ride. The well-known ride-hailing platform, takes another step in improving the safety of both drivers and passengers by introducing an audio recording feature in their app. This development is an extension of Bolt's existing safety toolkit and responds to the need for increased safety during rides.

The new feature allows users to activate an audio recording during their ride, an option specifically designed for situations where passengers or drivers feel uncomfortable. The initiative for this feature stems from Bolt's commitment to creating a more secure environment within their service platform. The audio recording can only be enabled during an active ride and can only be accessed by Bolt's customer service team in the event of a safety incident. Both drivers and passengers cannot listen to or play the recording, which ensures privacy.

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The recent addition of an audio recording function by Bolt in their app has raised additional questions among our editors about the privacy of passengers during a taxi ride. With the possibility of even private conversations now being recorded, it is essential to understand how Bolt ensures the privacy of both passengers and drivers. Guillaume Burland, spokesperson for Bolt, assures our editors that the company strictly adheres to the transparency obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

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“Bolt is actively informing both passengers and drivers about the new feature through various channels, including email, social media, blog announcements and in-app Stories. This communication is aimed at making users aware of the availability and operation of the recording function,” said the press officer.

Burland emphasizes that all recordings are encrypted and stored locally on the device of the person activating the recording. An important aspect is that these recordings are automatically deleted after 24 hours unless deployed as part of a customer service case. This mechanism ensures that the data is not retained longer than necessary, in accordance with privacy requirements.

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Bolt is committed to extensively informing its users about the processing of their personal data and their rights in this process. This approach demonstrates Bolt's commitment to both security and privacy protection.

Another important point Burland makes is that Bolt developed the technology for the recording function completely in-house. This means that there is no collaboration with third-party suppliers for this technology, which further promotes privacy and security. This internal development gives Bolt full control over the implementation and management of the feature, helping to ensure maximum protection of the privacy of both passengers and drivers.

This measure is the latest addition to a range of safety features offered by Bolt. Previous features include the ability for passengers to share their ride with friends and family, and an emergency button for quickly calling emergency services. For drivers, Bolt offers customer management to block customers with inappropriate behavior, number masking for privacy protection and trip monitoring alerts to monitor safety.

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“At Bolt, safety is our top priority and the audio ride recording feature is the latest addition to our in-app safety toolkit for drivers and passengers to use if they ever feel uncomfortable during a ride. It's part of our continued investment in safety through new products, features, and our specially trained in-house safety team to ensure we can continue to improve the Bolt app safety ecosystem and provide drivers and passengers with a high-quality ride-hailing experience.”

The introduction of the audio journey recording function in the Netherlands requires the most recent version of the Bolt app. Lars Speekenbrink, Country Manager at Bolt Netherlands, emphasizes that safety has the highest priority at Bolt. The new feature is part of Bolt's ongoing commitment to improving the safety ecosystem within their app and providing a safe and high-quality experience for both drivers and passengers.

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