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Important themes, speakers and innovations in the spotlight during the leading event in Utrecht.

The Taxi Expo, an event in the Dutch taxi sector, is coming up again today. This annual event in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht is an essential meeting point for professionals from the sector. The emphasis is on the latest developments and innovations in healthcare transport, passenger transport, street taxi and public transport. The event is not only a showcase for the latest products and services from leading car brands such as Ford, Fiat, Citroen, Lexus and Mercedes, but also a platform for extensive networking opportunities and knowledge sharing.

What is notable this year is the absence of major software suppliers, who usually play a prominent role on the exhibition floor. The focus therefore shifts more to the interactive workshops and the National Contract Transport Congress. These offer a wide range of themes, ranging from collaborations between taxi companies and the UWV to restructurings in the Taxi Practical Exam by the CBR. The workshops provide insights for taxi companies of all sizes and highlight key issues such as client self-reliance and the challenges of sustainability and driver shortages.

A key part of the Taxi Expo is the National Contract Transport Congress, where this year Henk van Gelderen, director of AIM, Social Fund Mobility, and Lucien Brouwers, director of Transport on Demand at Transdev Netherlands, will speak. They emphasize the importance of sustainability in tenders and redefining demand-responsive transport. The impact of the corona crisis on the industry, especially in terms of driver shortages, is also being addressed. This theme is further explored in a duo interview with Shirley van den Kolk and Sultan Celik from the UWV, who discuss alternative sources for driver recruitment.

Another highlight is the session by Guido Claus, E-Mobility Consultant at Drive-Green, which focuses on optimizing charging costs for electric vehicles. Forseti advisors will discuss the impact of policy choices on the quality and costs of target group transport, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between client and contractor.

The day ends with the presentation of the Taxi Innovation Prize, an award that stimulates innovation in the sector. This year's nominees include Qatch, Taxi Order Point (TOP) and Insurtech Zego, all of which excel in using technology to improve the efficiency and quality of taxi services.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Taxi Expo exhibition floor

Major car brands and other companies present their latest products, services and innovations.

Distinguished by its versatility and relevance to the industry, this event offers a unique opportunity for professionals to delve into the current trends and future directions of the taxi sector. The National Contract Transport Congress plays a crucial role in this by providing a platform for discussion on topics that are of great importance to the sector.

Practical exam Taxi CBR

One of the most discussed topics during the expo is undoubtedly the restructuring of the Taxi Practical Exam by the CBR. These changes are aimed at better connecting the examination to practice, an essential step for improving quality and safety within the taxi sector. The aim is to implement the new structure in 2024, which will affect both the full and limited exams.


The Travel Map initiative, presented by a healthcare provider from the west of the country, is another striking part of the exhibition. This project emphasizes the importance of accessible and appropriate transport for people with disabilities. The objectives are comprehensive: increasing the self-reliance of clients, reducing climate-damaging kilometers and keeping costs manageable. In addition, the Travel Card offers a solution to the acute shortage of drivers, a problem that has worsened during the pandemic.

recruitment strategies 

The shortage of drivers and the outflow of drivers to other sectors during the corona crisis is widely reported. This has direct consequences for various types of transport, such as student transport. The session with Shirley van den Kolk and Sultan Celik offers new perspectives on this problem by exploring alternative recruitment strategies. This session highlights the importance of creative solutions and partnerships as the industry recovers from the pandemic.


The session on electric mobility, led by Guido Claus, is another highlight. This session discusses the practical aspects of electrifying a taxi fleet, such as setting up a charging plaza and the use of dynamic energy rates. The focus on sustainability and cost savings is particularly relevant given the growing pressure on the sector to become more environmentally friendly and efficient.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Taxi Expo exhibition floor

The National Contract Transport Congress and Taxi Expo '23 offer an unmissable opportunity for professionals in the taxi sector to delve into new technologies, collaboration opportunities and strategies for sustainability and efficiency. The diversity of topics and speakers guarantees a rich and informative experience for all attendees.

The Taxi Innovation Prize, a prominent award within the Taxi Expo, represents a crucial element of this event. This award was created to stimulate and recognize innovation within the taxi sector. It rewards the most innovative, creative and innovative ideas that contribute to the evolution of the sector. The award serves not only as a recognition of excellence, but also as an encouragement for companies to continuously strive for improvement and innovation.

This year's nominees for the Taxi Innovation Prize are particularly notable for their diverse and groundbreaking contributions. The first nominee, Qatch, distinguishes itself by bringing together the commercial and contract taxi market through intelligent and automatic dispatching. Their platform uses advanced technologies to deploy available drivers more efficiently, significantly improving the operational efficiency of taxi services.

The second nominee, Taxi Order Point (TOP), offers an innovative solution for quickly and efficiently generating bookings via a scan of a QR code. This system allows carriers to easily and effectively set up booking portals, contributing to a smoother and more user-friendly experience for both customers and drivers.

Insurtech Zego, the third nominee, distinguishes itself by offering a unique combination of fleet insurance and telematics. This approach not only insures the fleet, but also provides insight into driving behavior through advanced data analysis. This not only improves safety, but also contributes to more efficient and economical driving behavior.

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