Port of Antwerp-Bruges' financial support for educational programs such as Port Xpert is characterized by the willingness to invest in the future of young people

By financing part of the bus transport for 25 schools or six hundred students, the signal is sent that every young person should have the opportunity to discover the world of the port industry. This subsidy is a concrete measure that shows that the port is not only interested in immediate profit but also in the long-term development of its workforce.

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Port Xpert, a project initiated by the province of Antwerp, plays a crucial role in inspiring young people for jobs in the port. The program, supported by Port of Antwerp-Bruges, contributes to lowering the financial barrier for educational visits by partially covering the costs of bus transport for schools. This initiative, which fits within the port's strategic objectives to attract and retain young talent, emphasizes the variety and attractiveness of careers in the port.

The involvement of local schools is highlighted by the recent visit of the Municipal Institute Brasschaat to BASF, where students not only underwent an interactive experience but also came into contact with prominent figures such as Annick De Ridder and Luk Lemmens. This contact moment, combined with a financial injection, underlines the port's commitment to education and development.

The check for 10.000 euros, presented during the visit of the Brasskate classes to BASF, is an example of how seriously the port invests in future generations. It is an investment that not only benefits young people but also port companies, which in turn can count on a flow of well-informed and motivated future employees.

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Photo rights: Port of Antwerp-Bruges
Photo rights: Port of Antwerp-Bruges

After their visit, they met Annick De Ridder, port alderman of the City of Antwerp and chairman of the board of directors of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, and deputy Luk Lemmens, responsible for Port World. The port alderman also immediately handed over the check worth 10.000 euros to the deputy to seal this collaboration.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges, as a dynamic and progressive port complex, not only provides direct employment but also contributes to the training of future employees through investments in programs such as Port Xpert. The program enriches students' learning experience by offering them a glimpse of the real working environment and direct interaction with professionals from different disciplines.

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The offer of PortXpert is expected to expand further with the Havenwereld experience center, which is planned to open its doors in 2026. This center will not only house educational programs but also serve as a tourist and information platform for a wider audience.

The decision to help with transportation costs reflects a deeper understanding of the obstacles schools experience when organizing extracurricular learning activities. With rising transportation costs, such educational trips may be beyond the budget of many educational institutions. Port of Antwerp-Bruges understands that by removing this barrier, the port opens up as a laboratory for real-life learning, where theoretical knowledge comes to life and where young people can get a taste of the practical sides of various professions.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges and the province of Antwerp want to show young people job opportunities in the port. This initiative offers a practical approach to learning and development that goes beyond the classroom, and highlights collaboration between educational institutions and industry as a strategic step towards future employment and economic growth.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Port of Antwerp-Bruges, with its impressive annual throughput of 287 million tons, is at the center of world trade. The port's role as a transit point for containers, general cargo and vehicles cannot be underestimated and provides a home base for a large number of companies within a wide range of sectors. The port's strategic position as the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe and its contribution to employment and the economy are essential for the prosperity of the region.

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In its ambition to be a pioneer, Port of Antwerp-Bruges strives to link economic growth to sustainability. This pursuit of harmony between the economy, people and the environment is reflected in the continuous search for innovative solutions for a circular and low-carbon economy. The port is therefore not only a commercial but also a social and ecological example for ports worldwide.

The ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge, operated by the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, together form a strong unit, with the Cities of Antwerp and Bruges as shareholders and a committed workforce of 1.800 employees. The management is in the hands of a board that works daily for the well-being and growth of the port. With Annick De Ridder and Dirk De fauw in the leadership positions, and Jacques Vandermeiren at the helm as CEO, Port of Antwerp-Bruges proves that strong leadership is crucial for success.

This strong combination of economic impact and strategic vision makes Port of Antwerp-Bruges an important player on the world stage, with an influence that extends far beyond the borders of the port itself. The focus on responsible entrepreneurship, ecological sustainability and innovation is an example for other ports and shows that commercial success can go hand in hand with responsibility for people and the environment.

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