MULTIOTAXI taxis in the Flemish Brabant region are equipped with the latest software called Pitane Pallas.

The Eindhoven technology company Pitane Mobility and the Flemish taxi company Multiotaxi are joining forces. This strategic collaboration marks a new phase in the transformation of sustainable passenger transport and efficient logistics operations in the Flemish Brabant region. At the core of this collaboration is the delivery of advanced logistics software that will assist in the traffic management of their taxi service.

However, it is not just the technology that makes this collaboration special. The human factor also plays a crucial role. Johan Houwaer, Head of Operations at Multiotaxi, will take on the task of effectively deploying the advanced logistics software. His expertise will undoubtedly contribute to optimizing traffic control and therefore to an improved travel experience for passengers.

Multiotaxi, with its operational roots in the regions of Hageland, Tienen, Hoegaarden, Boutersem, Leuven, Zoutleeuw, Landen and Sint-Truiden, is not the only pillar of Multiobus. This company has formed a conglomeration with numerous other bus companies such as Autobussen P. Van Mullem from Boutersem and Van Mullem & sons from Tienen. With a fleet of more than 100 scheduled buses and 220 drivers, they have been a permanent partner of De Lijn, the public transport company in Flanders, for years.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Multiobus Tienen

Although Multiobus, as a reliable partner of The line, who is no stranger to the sector, recently came up with a tragic way in the news. On October 18, 2023, the company was struck by a catastrophe that wiped out years of hard work in a matter of hours. But instead of succumbing to defeat, the Multiobus team showed an unwavering determination to get back up and running as quickly as possible. As the team itself states: “We are currently working with all our might to make Multiobus 100% operational again.”

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Multiobus has also not stood still in the field of environmentally friendly transport. In collaboration with Ebusco, a pioneer in the development of electric buses and charging systems, the Tienen bus company will put 20 new Ebusco 2.2 buses into use. This partnership underlines a six-year relationship that, according to Olivier Van Mullem, CEO of Multiobus, confirms the joint vision of the future on electric mobility.

Pitane Mobility, specialized in mobility software, is not only a supplier of logistics software. Their latest product, Pitane Pallas, will also be integrated into Multiobus taxis. This software is designed in such a way that it fits seamlessly with the Chiron system of the Belgian government and the Central Taxi Database (CDT) of the Dutch Environment and Transport Inspectorate. This creates a streamlined and efficient operation, something that ultimately benefits the traveler.

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