Meanwhile, consumers face growing risk when booking their holidays.

The Eindhoven tour operator Vacansoleil is teetering on the edge of the financial abyss, as the company has requested a deferment of payment. With almost six hundred campsites on the European mainland and an annual customer base of around half a million holidaymakers, the possible collapse of this company founded in 1969 is a worrying signal in the travel industry.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Vacansoleil on the Marinus van Meelweg in Eindhoven

Vacansoleil's current financial situation may come as a surprise to many, given that the company profiles itself as the market leader in camping holidays in Europe. However, the recent request for deferral of payment is often an omen of impending bankruptcy, a circumstance that leaves the future of almost six hundred campsites and the holiday plans of countless families in uncertainty.

The payment deferral underlines the vulnerability of companies that are highly dependent on consumer spending and external economic factors, such as interest rates. A domino effect also threatens local economies, especially those in holiday areas where Vacansoleil campsites are located. These campsites are often major employers and driving forces behind local tourist activities.

Although the presence of guarantee funds such as the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden offers some protection, the emotional and practical consequences of an abruptly canceled holiday cannot be underestimated.

The company itself acknowledges that it has built up a significant debt burden in previous years. These debts only increased when, as a result of the pandemic, demand for camping holidays fell dramatically. To stay afloat, Vacansoleil was forced to raise additional financing. 

With the recent increase in interest rates, this already significant debt burden has now become unmanageable. Vacansoleil was already in a financially difficult position before the corona pandemic struck. The company was already making losses and had already undergone a reorganization. The pandemic appears to have been the last straw in an already fragile situation, which now seriously threatens the company's survival.


However, there is a silver lining for customers who have paid a deposit for a future holiday. Vacansoleil is affiliated with the Travel Guarantee Fund Foundation (SGR), an organization that reimburses customers in the event of a travel organization going bankrupt. This could alleviate some of the financial burden for affected holidaymakers, although it does not completely remove the uncertainty and disappointment.

It is a complex and uncertain time for Vacansoleil, the hundreds of campsites that depend on its services, and the many customers who are now seeing their holiday dreams go up in smoke. The coming weeks will be critical for the company as it tries to find a way out of this dire financial situation.

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