Doctors have advised her to take it easy, and she plans to take that advice seriously.

Despite a significant delay of almost two hours, Dutch singer Thomas Berge and his pregnant girlfriend Elianne Zweipfenning landed safely at Curaçao airport. The couple wanted to board the TUI Dreamliner flight OR355, which suffered an unexpected delay resulting in a wait at gate G8. The captain on the flight later said that the cause was a TUI aircraft that had to divert to Canada earlier. This aircraft was replaced at Schiphol, which resulted in the earlier delay.

Elianne Zweipfenning, who was released from hospital earlier this week, shared her joy on Instagram. She posted a black and white photo of herself in a hospital bed with her son Saint and wrote: “I can go home.” But the joy was tempered; She must remain under supervision in the Alrijne hospital and is "not yet hospital-free."

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The unexpected delay of the flight to Curaçao adds an extra layer to the couple's already complicated story. A plane that had to divert to Canada meant that their original aircraft had to be replaced at Schiphol, which caused the delay.

The tension surrounding Zweipfenning's health was palpable on Sunday afternoon when the couple arrived at the gate. Elianne sat in a wheelchair and visibly rubbed her stomach, which led to concerned looks from bystanders who did not know the couple and questions about whether everything would go well during the flight. Her doctors strongly advised her to take it easy and not to exert herself too much or to lift and drag. An advice she plans to follow during their mini-vacation on the Caribbean island.

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Zweipfenning also wrote that she feels better and that the pain has become more bearable. Earlier this week she was referred to the gynecologist with severe abdominal pain. Now that they have arrived safely in Curaçao, Thomas Berge and Elianne Zweipfenning can hopefully enjoy a well-deserved break, while also taking the necessary precautions to ensure the health of Elianne and their unborn child.

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