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Lightyear's choice to add Martens and Heller to the Supervisory Board is strategic.

Lightyear is clearly making strides to strengthen its position in the solar mobility market with the recent appointment of two industry heavyweights, Dr. Bernd Martens and John Heller, on the Supervisory Board. With that underlined Lightyear's intention to remain a major player in the world of sustainable mobility.

Dr. Bernd Martens brings with him a wealth of automotive industry experience. With positions in some of the industry's biggest names, including Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi, Martens has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this industry. His experience, which spans financing, procurement and IT, gives him a unique perspective that will be invaluable to Lightyear, especially given the rapidly changing nature of the automotive industry, which is increasingly focused on sustainability and innovation.

The Dutch solar car manufacturer, Lightyear, in crisis, has completed its restructuring and will start again. This was confirmed by the Supervisory Board, Bernd Martens, to the Automotive Week. The new plans have been announced. The ambitious Lightyear Zero technology project is one of them past. Instead, the company is now trying to re-profile itself with the more compact Lightyear 2 and slimmer structures.

Lightyear's sustainability mission is commendable. Creating clean and sustainable mobility solutions is not only a business venture, but also a contribution to a larger social purpose.

John Heller brings a different kind of expertise to the table. While he has experience in the mobility sector thanks to his time at the Louwman Group, his previous positions at Nationale Nederlanden and the ING Group are indicative of his expertise in corporate governance. This is a critical aspect for any growing business, especially in an industry as high profile as solar mobility. Heller's background can help Lightyear build solid corporate structures that are not only transparent, but also in line with best practices.

Lightyear's CEO, Lex Hoefsloot, rightly recognizes the importance of these appointments. As the company prepares for its next phase of growth, the insights and guidance from both Martens and Heller will be crucial. What stands out is Lightyear's clear commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a more sustainable future. This goal is now more important than ever, given the urgent need for sustainable solutions.

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