Less traffic nuisance in the district, fewer parked cars in the street and still plenty of mobility for the residents.

As a car owner, you are used to always having a ready-to-drive car at your door. From Brandevoort to Stiphout it remains the same with Appacar, but cheaper. Appacar delivers a shared car at home or at work within an hour, which feels like your own car. This way you have a car ready to drive at your doorstep when you need it and you save hundreds of euros per month.

AppaCar is a Dutch startup founded by Maarten Neeskens. The company focuses on developing a sustainable mobility solution through car sharing. The idea behind AppaCar is that people can rent a car for a short period, for example for an hour or a day, instead of owning one. In this way, users can make flexible use of a car without having to worry about owning, maintaining and insuring it.


From April 20, 2023, Appacar will be available in the area around Helmond Brandevoort, the municipality of Stiphout, the Automotive Campus and Schootse Dreef. Inside the green zone on the card they will deliver your car to your door within an hour. Sign up without obligation and be one of the first to receive a call as Appacar (pronounce: app-a-car) is available in Helmond.

Maarten Neeskens wants to be active in most Dutch cities. Appacar does not own any cars because the company works with car rental and sharing companies for the delivery of Helmond cars. Shared mobility is aimed at people who are interested in the conveniences of Mobility as a Service.

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sharing mobility

Shared mobility refers to a mobility concept where people share a vehicle instead of owning one. This can vary from shared cars and shared bicycles to shared scooters and shared scooters. The aim of shared mobility is to make vehicle use more efficient and to reduce the costs and environmental impact of individual car ownership. Shared mobility is becoming increasingly popular and is often offered by start-ups and established companies in the mobility sector.

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