Travelers are in conflict with Ryanair over compensation rights following cancellations due to pilot strikes.

The heart of the Formula 1 pulse beat this weekend in the Belgian Ardennes, where the brightly colored orange sea of ​​Verstappen fans poured into the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The sporting international meeting place was busy, despite the traffic jams on the main access roads.

The storm last week caused considerable damage to cars, campers and caravans. Insurers have their hands full. The ANWB and VAB also received more than two hundred reports about damage to cars and caravans. The huge hailstones of Lake Garda had not yet been completely consumed before the busiest Saturday of the summer, the changeover weekend.

De advertising campaigns of shared scooter company Felyx have been criticized by the Advertising Code Committee for misleading claims. Pukkelpop on the other hand, shows its ecological ambitions by transporting artists' dressing rooms by ship. This is an example of how events try to minimize their environmental impact.

Other news came from Antwerp, where a new parking policy came into effect. This measure, intended to make the city center more attractive for pedestrians, may be perceived as a financial blow by some entrepreneurs. However, shared mobility remains unchanged. Shared cars from professional services such as Poppy, Cambio, Green Mobility and Miles Mobility can still park free of charge in the historic center.

There was also foreign attention for the Netherlands. Three prominent shipyards, Naval Group, Saab Kockums and Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, have submitted their tenders for the delivery of four new submarines to the Dutch Defense. Tragic was the catastrophic fire on the freighter Fremantle Hwy north of Ameland, in which one crew member was killed. The ship had 3000 cars on board and the fire spread rapidly.

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This week there was another interesting piece of news: badger burrows in the track at Voerendaal ensured that no trains ran between Heerlen and Valkenburg. In the Netherlands, ProRail announced measures after discovering construction errors at the Zuidweg viaduct in South Holland. Until probably 2025, high-speed trains on this route will have to moderate their speed to a maximum of 80 kilometers per hour.

Not only pilots on strike, but also climate activists are ruining the holidays of many travelers this summer.

In France, the A79 became the first fully electronic toll motorway. However, this innovation also brought risks, as many drivers were unaware of the new rules and risked fines of up to 375 euros. Climate activists from the group 'Letzte Generation' (Last Generation) temporarily blocked Austria's Brenner Pass, a popular route for holidaymakers to cross the Alps.


This week ended with one waarschuwing of the lawyer of the European Consumer Center. She criticized Ryanair's claim that travelers were not entitled to E261 compensation due to an upcoming pilot strike, explaining that travelers were indeed entitled to compensation. “They lie: you are entitled to compensation”. According to Ryanair, travelers are not entitled to the E261 compensation because they have been informed more than 14 days in advance. This is stated in an email that Ryanair sent to travelers affected by the upcoming pilot strike in Charleroi.

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