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Changes in parking payments are coming because BMW has come up with something in collaboration with the technology company Parkopedia.

On June 14, 2023, BMW will say goodbye to the Parkmobile app that was supported by Easypark, formerly known as Parkmobile. With the introduction of BMW Payments for parking, the company is taking a new step in the world of automated parking services. BMW owners are encouraged to embrace the new service, which offers a range of benefits.

EasyPark is also the name of the company that took over Parkmobile from car manufacturers BMW and Daimler a year and a half ago.

Drivers of today's BMWs no longer have to struggle with apps or payment terminals to park, as cars with the latest built-in infotainment systems will manage this almost entirely on their own. Previously, this functionality was only available in Germany and Austria.

Using BMW Payments for Parking is a simple process designed to provide you with convenience and efficiency. All you have to do is enter your license plate number and credit card details into the display of your BMW. By navigating to the app menu in iDrive, you can select the new BMW Payments for parking app. The process is intuitive and user-friendly, integrating seamlessly with the rest of the BMW driving experience.

For those who prefer a more mobile approach, there is also the option to download the My BMW App and follow the instructions to set up BMW Payments for parking. This offers drivers an extra level of convenience as they can manage parking payments from the comfort of their smartphone.

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BMW Payments for Parking is more than just a new app, it is a sign of BMW's commitment to continue to innovate and provide an excellent user experience to its customers. The company encourages all users to make the switch to BMW Payments for Parking and enjoy the convenience of this new service.

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EasyPark was founded in 2001 in Sweden in response to the growing need for more efficient parking in cities. The idea came about when Johan Birgersson, the founder of EasyPark, became frustrated with the time-consuming and often stressful process of finding and paying for parking spaces.

Birgersson saw the rise of mobile technology as an opportunity to improve the parking process. He believed it should be possible to streamline finding, reserving and paying for parking spaces using a mobile app. With that goal in mind, he founded EasyPark.

In its early years, EasyPark enjoyed success in Scandinavia, where it quickly grew into the region's leading parking app. The app enabled users to find, pay for and renew parking spaces, and the company built strong partnerships with parking operators and cities.

With its growing popularity and success in Scandinavia, EasyPark has expanded its activities to other European countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. The company has also expanded its presence into North America and Australia, making it a global presence.

market leader

EasyPark has continuously invested in technology and innovation to make the app increasingly user-friendly and advanced. The company has worked with cities, parking operators and other stakeholders to improve the parking experience and meet the changing needs of users.

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Today, EasyPark has become a market leader in the parking industry, with millions of users worldwide. It continues to drive innovation and deliver a seamless parking experience for drivers, while also contributing to sustainable urban mobility through data analytics and partnerships with cities and communities.

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