The rates for parking at a P+R have not increased in line with inflation for more than 10 years. That costs the municipality money.

Amsterdam is going to increase the Parking and Travel (P+R) parking rates unprecedentedly. The P+R locations should help to reduce the number of cars in the city. Visitors do not have to drive to the center of the city, but according to the municipality of Amsterdam, they can park relatively cheaply on the outskirts of the city and then continue their journey by public transport.

more expensive

From July 2023, the off-peak rate will increase from €1 per day to €6 per day. This rate applies from Monday to Friday from 10.00:10.00 am, all weekend and on public holidays. The rush-hour surcharge, for cars entering before 8 a.m., will from now on rise from €13 to €10. According to the municipality of Amsterdam, the rates have not increased in line with inflation over the past XNUMX years. reason to raise the rates significantly. The tariffs must ensure that as much comes in as they spend.

game rules

Amsterdam indicates that P+R should not only be attractive to visitors to the city centre. They also want visitors who need to be somewhere else in the city to leave their car at a P+R and continue using public transport. Later this year they will change the rules for using the P+R facilities. Anyone who now parks their car at a P+R location for a visit to the city must check in with public transport on their way back to the city centre. This so-called 'centre check' will no longer apply. You will soon be able to check in throughout the city to collect the car from the P+R. You will then still pay the advantageous P+R rate.

Because they are still working on the practical implementation of the new rules, they will not introduce this change at the same time as the rate increase, but only later this year. These measures are the most important parts of a larger package of measures to keep the busy areas of the city accessible and liveable.

Amsterdam is also conducting a pilot at the P+R Johan Cruijff ArenA to see if and how the P+R is interesting for commuters. And they are investigating how parkers who use (electric) shared bicycles and shared scooters for onward transport (instead of public transport) can park cheaply at P+R locations.

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