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An examiner forms the basis of road safety in the Netherlands.

The CBR is starting a national campaign to recruit new examiners. In the coming years, the CBR will need a few dozen new examiners every year, especially for taking the B exam, the car driving licence. As in many sectors, the CBR is also dealing with an aging population and many examiners are retiring.

An examiner forms the basis of road safety in the Netherlands. Every year, some seven hundred colleagues assess more than 600.000 exam candidates for responsible participation in traffic. The examiner assesses aspiring drivers during practical exams and tests for the car in the first instance. In the long term there is the possibility of specialization for the car with trailer, motorcycle, moped and, for example, microcar. Each trainee examiner starts at EUR 3.526,36 per month. In 7 increments you can grow to the maximum in the scale.

Immediately in service

The examiner training takes four months and the diploma is equivalent to an MBO-4 training. The course is full-time, after which part-time work (minimum three days) is also possible. Anyone who wants to become an examiner must have had his driver's license for at least ten years. After the training, a mix of theory and practice, the examiner will work with a coach in practice to conduct exams. Already during the training, an examiner is employed by the CBR, which, in addition to the training costs, also pays the salary.


As an examiner, no day is the same and every hour is a new adventure. An examiner is a centipede. He or she possesses an exceptional dose of empathy, communication skills and decisiveness. An examiner also knows how to put candidates at ease and motivate them to get the best out of themselves. These skills are also useful for communicating the result in a clear and respectful manner. Even if a candidate has failed, so that he or she is motivated to make a new attempt after a number of extra driving lessons.

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High demands are therefore placed on our examiners, says General Manager Alexander Pechtold. 'Many people can drive, but not everyone is cut out for the profession of examiner. You must be analytical, sharp and didactic, but also be able to put the candidate at ease. Only a small proportion of all applicants make it to the finish line. But if you succeed, you will have a challenging job and nice colleagues. A plus is that working hours can largely be tailored to someone's private life. Think of a fixed day off on the day that the children are at home, or when you are a carer.'

Professional training

The examiner training takes place in-house: at the vocational training department of the Driving Skills Division of the CBR. Training locations are Leusden, Zoetermeer, Eindhoven and Deventer. During the training, theoretical learning objectives, but also many practical skills are discussed. Knowledge and skills are often provided in simulations of practical situations. During internship days you will reflect and practice what has been learned during practical exams under the supervision of a practical internship supervisor.

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