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The most popular destinations for private jets in Europe are Nice (Côte d'Azur), Paris and Geneva.

The number of private flights in Europe has increased considerably in recent years. More than half (55%) of these flights covered a distance of less than 750 kilometers and could be traveled by train. This has emerged from a study by CE Delft on behalf of Greenpeace into all private flights in Europe. The most popular destinations for private jets in Europe are Nice (Côte d'Azur), Paris and Geneva. The Netherlands is in the top 10 of countries with the most private flights in Europe. The route between Amsterdam and London is also in the top 10 of busiest flight routes for private jets.


Greenpeace is concerned about the sharp increase in the number of private flights. Maarten de Zeeuw, aviation expert Greenpeace Netherlands: “The rich are increasingly taking a private jet, the most polluting way of travelling. That is really shameless, we have not forgotten the alarming climate report that came out last week. The fact that southern Europe is already struggling with drought and forest fires so early in the year makes it even more clear: the climate crisis is here and now.”

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Activists block private jets.

There are a lot of exceptions for private jets. Most flights are not covered by the EU's carbon pricing (ETS). De Zeeuw: “The ultra-rich are not given a lot of money, because the flight tax does not apply to these flights and the flights do not count towards the total of, for example, Schiphol. It is also painful to see that Amsterdam – London is in the top 2 most busy private jet routes in Europe. It is a very short distance, which is already flown about fifty times a day with scheduled flights from Schiphol. And that while the train is a really good option to London. This cannot go on like this.”

Greenpeace is for a ban on private jets, which is why last year, together with Extinction Rebellion and hundreds of activists, private jets were blocked at Schiphol.  

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