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A single ride is one euro. Reservation is not necessary. Children up to three years old travel for free.

Residents of Harlingen can ride along with the Futbringer for a visit to the market, a short appointment or a small errand in the center. The municipality of Harlingen has started a trial for a local bus line in collaboration with taxi company Van der Pol. With the Futbringer, the municipality wants to make it easier for residents to get to and from the center of the Frisian port city of Harlingen. The name ('bringer') was also invented by Harlingers.

In the coming year, on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 10.00 a.m. and 13.00 p.m., one of the transport services that runs a fixed route can be used. It is a collaboration between the municipality of Harlingen and the taxi company Van der Pol. With the local bus line, the municipality hopes that the elderly and people with a limited budget can go to the city center more often, says alderman Erik de Groot (PvdA) to the local broadcaster.

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Erik de Groot - alderman and deputy mayor at the Municipality of Harlingen

Alderman Erik de Groot gets behind the wheel himself during the kick-off for a ride through Harlingen. There are several boarding stops along the route. The fare is one euro (for both single and return). Children up to three years old travel for free. Reservations are not possible. The trial period will last until March 1, 2024.

"The most important thing is that people can easily reach our city in this way and for little money. I also think that is a social responsibility. As a municipality, that can also cost quite a bit of money."

Are you traveling with the Futbringer to the center of Harlingen? Keep your bus ticket safe! Part of the project, for which an amount of 21.000 euros has been reserved, is that people with their bus ticket can get a free cup of coffee or tea in several catering establishments. That would be good for the social contacts of people who might otherwise stay at home.

Eric de Groot

Alderman for Spatial Planning, Area Development, Public Housing and Housing, Care and Welfare, Policy for the Elderly and Youth, Subsidies, Area Team, Education, Public Health, Culture and Cultural Heritage. The members of the Labor Party department in Harlingen chose the election program and candidate list for the municipal elections in 2021 at the General Members' Meeting. During that meeting, the members unanimously chose Erik de Groot as the new party leader. In daily life, De Groot runs a legal consultancy firm and has experience in financial services. He is active on various social fronts.

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