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It is time to invest in good public transport and thus in the quality of life of people in villages.

Politicians should focus on ensuring good public transport in villages or outlying areas, even if this means investing more money in public transport. Public transport companies should not be allowed to reduce or cancel services in these areas for profit reasons. Instead, politicians and public transport companies should work together to find solutions to improve and maintain service in these areas. 

This can be done, for example, by using more efficient routes and transport methods, introducing new forms of public transport, such as shared taxis, or offering subsidies to public transport companies to continue to offer their services in these areas. In short, politics must focus on guaranteeing a good public transport service in the villages and outlying areas, regardless of the financial interests of the public transport companies.


To guarantee the quality of life in villages, it is essential that governments and policymakers invest in good public transport. This can be done, for example, by expanding existing bus lines, setting up shuttle services or investing in cycling infrastructure. The consequences of poor public transport are numerous. For example, residents of villages without public transport often struggle to travel to work or take their children to school. 

This limits their opportunities for employment and education, negatively impacting the economy and community development in the long run. In addition, villages without public transport often also have to deal with a lack of access to basic services such as health care, groceries and recreational opportunities. This can lead to feelings of social isolation and loneliness, especially among the elderly and people with disabilities. Young people leave the villages to study and may not return to those villages, resulting in a strong aging population in the villages.

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Politicians should focus on guaranteeing good public transport in villages or outlying areas.
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Instead of ignoring the importance of public transport in villages, governments and policymakers should recognize its importance and take the necessary steps to ensure the viability of villages. It is time to invest in good public transport and thus improve the quality of life of people in villages. Local politicians must call a halt to the dismantling of public transport, the cancellation of bus lines or the abandonment of stops.


As a reader of this piece you can also contribute to this by casting a vote during the provincial elections. A party that advocates the construction of more cycle paths is fine, but that should never be at the expense of a further erosion of public transport. In addition, poor public transport can also have a negative impact on the environment. Residents who do not have access to public transport often rely on cars, leading to increased traffic, pollution and congestion on the roads.

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