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From now on you can take a comfortable break at Eindhoven Airport as a taxi driver.

By being rested and relaxed, you as a taxi driver can offer a better service to your customers. In the Netherlands you have to deal with the rules from the Working Hours Decree (ATW) for transport, which means that as a taxi driver you must also take sufficient rest. Formally, as a taxi driver you are not allowed to take a break at a taxi rank. A taxi rank is a place where you as a driver or entrepreneur offer yourself to the customer for work. The customer must therefore be able to board at any time and can take any taxi in the queue. So you will have to take your break elsewhere. 

Eindhoven Airport

Pitane Mobility has now devised a solution for this at Eindhoven Airport. If you have to wait for your customer at Eindhoven Airport, for example because the plane is delayed, or you have just brought a customer to the airport, you are welcome in the lounge as a taxi driver. Eindhoven Airport Club next to the airport. With a view of the runway, you can enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea and you have a parking space for the taxi on a shielded area.

In the specially designed room you can use free internet via WiFi, stream your favorite series on TV, take a nice break or, if desired, make a visit to the toilet. By taking a break in the Eindhoven Airport Club lounge of Pitane Mobility, you can work more efficiently because you are close to the airport and you can better plan your journeys after your break.

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Eindhoven Airport Club offers taxi drivers a break area with a free cup of coffee or tea, a parking space and WiFi.

This lounge is only accessible to taxi drivers, and only after reserve and recording an available time block. The lounge is also fully equipped so that you can start the rest of your shift afterwards. You do not pay any costs for using these services because they are handled by Pitane Mobility. Passengers of the taxi driver are not welcome. The service is only intended for taxi drivers who take a break.

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Do you recognize that feeling when you walk around Eindhoven Airport as a taxi driver, you could easily have taken a break? Eindhoven Airport Club meets the need of taxi drivers to safely leave the taxi at a free parking space and to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while taking a break. And remember that you also have the BCT in the paused state when you enjoy your break.

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