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In recent years, the choices and options for insuring a taxi have become considerably limited.

The Eindhoven taxi software company Pitane Mobility now offers the possibility to link their systems to Traksi. The whole idea of ​​Traksi is based on watching the taxi driver. Because only by monitoring driving behavior can they determine the risk of damage. The smaller the chance, the lower the premium. Car insurance is a simple product in that respect. If a lot of damage has to be compensated, the premium will increase. If there are few claims, the premium can remain low.

pilot in Brabant completed

"Big brother is watching you." That expression is rarely used to indicate something positive. Usually we mean: an agency is watching you and little good can come of that. Still, it's certainly not always a bad thing if a big brother is watching with you. Meanwhile, the Brabant pilot at Taxicentrale de Meierij from Liempde was successfully completed this week. 


Traksi's taxi insurance can be taken out by taxi companies, self-employed taxi drivers and fleet owners. The driving behavior technology is offered by Cartracker. Since 2013, this company has been one of the first suppliers to receive the RRS Quality Mark for a comprehensive tax journey registration and was taken over by ULU on 1 June 2018. Both the Pitane Mobility agenda package and the Pitane Gate 12 web edition have been linked to this technology and work regardless of which data communication is on board the vehicle.


As a fleet owner you have had to deal with many cost increases in recent years, including those of the taxi insurance. The link with the Pitane Mobility agenda package and the knowledge that ULU and Cartracker bring together provides the insurer with information that allows them to offer drivers a fair premium. The black box that registers and transmits driving behavior is built into the dashboard of the taxi. Traksi offers taxi insurance that makes it possible to be affordably insured again.

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The technology registers three components: acceleration speed, braking, cornering. In addition, there are two cameras aimed at the road in front of and behind the taxi. Only in the event of a collision and if there is a discussion about who is to blame are the images saved 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after the collision. The privacy of the driver, occupant, bystanders and passers-by is fully guaranteed. The system amply complies with all laws and regulations.

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