The travel time of the Intercity between Amsterdam and Berlin must be accelerated due to the adjustments that Prorail is having carried out at Oldenzaal station.

This year Oldenzaal station will get a new platform and a piece of track. ProRail has awarded this work to contractor VolkerRail, an important step in the project to accelerate the travel time of the Intercity Berlin between Amsterdam and Berlin.

With the awarding of the work, the project enters a new phase; that of the implementation of the project. The contractor will now work out the planning of the work in more detail and make preparations. Work on the station is expected to start in the second half of this year. The new platform and track must be completed by 10 December 2023 at the latest. That is when the new timetable comes into effect.

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With effect from the new timetable, the (regional) regional train Zutphen-Hengelo-Oldenzaal uses the new platform when the IC Berlin passes the station. This allows the Intercity Berlin to continue its journey faster on the through track. This is one of the changes that make the travel time between Amsterdam and Berlin shortened by half an hour.

The new platform and track will be on the north side of the station. The 130-metre section of track will be located next to the existing track 1 and will be connected with a switch. The new platform will have a path to the existing platform of track 1. Travelers will get on and off the new platform via this path. It will also be possible to reach the platform via a staircase and ramp from the bus station.

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