Every child in the Netherlands deserves carefree care.

The taxi company that has carried out all journeys to date for Groei & Glunder and Vesper has stopped the transport with immediate effect. This means that dozens of children cannot be brought to the groups. Anne-Sophie Schürmannm, founder of Groei & Glunder and Vesper BSO+, is calling on who can help with driving rides for children in Amsterdam. It involves picking up from school and bringing it to the groups.

Growth & Bliss

Growth & Glunder helps children to grow at their own pace. They stand next to the child, after all you grow faster together than alone. In a playful way they learn new skills step by step, they explore the unknown and they learn to be proud of themselves with a big smile. The mission is to provide suitable care for all children in the Netherlands, including children with behavioral problems and/or a (mild) intellectual disability.

Growth & Glunder offers specialized family, school and group counseling to children with developmental disabilities. Bee Growth & Bliss focuses on the social, emotional and personal development of the child. Targeted games and activities stimulate the development of a positive self-image, self-reliance and social skills. Positive parenting is key.


The mission of Vesper offers suitable care for all children in the Netherlands, including children with behavioral problems and/or a (slight) intellectual disability. Every school in the Netherlands is obliged to arrange childcare for their students, but special education is excluded from this. Students in special education generally need more (positive) attention, structure and clarity. Precisely for this vulnerable target group, childcare or out-of-school care is not available.

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the offerings

Martijn Kersing, director , has since announced via LinkedIn that his company might be able to arrange some vans with which the staff of Groei & Glunder and Vesper BSO+ could pick up the children themselves. They don't drive in Amsterdam themselves, but the offer is in any case a very nice gesture. We are now looking for volunteers who may be able to help solve the problems with the vans in the coming weeks.

Anne-Sophie Schürmannm

Her colleagues should not call her 'boss', because Anne-Sophie Schürmann does not believe in hierarchy. After her training as a clinical development psychologist, she started working as a youth counselor at various youth care institutions. Time and time again, she ran into putting protocols first rather than the needs of the people she worked with. That had to be different. In 2014 she founded youth care company Groei & Glunder, which supports children and families who need extra care. There are now about seventy family counselors working in North Holland and the Gooi region.

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