The technology platform aims to improve the independence and decision-making power of its drivers.

Uber is currently rolling out its feature in a growing number of cities, giving drivers access to the price of the ride and destination before they have to accept it. Already implemented in France, Switzerland and some cities in the United States, this solution will gradually be rolled out across the United States. It blog post Uber goes even further and also mentions the “Trip Radar”, which will be the feature that allows drivers to access a list of other trip assignments in the area they are in to choose the one that suits them best.


In the United States, this feature has already been deployed in some California cities. The company VTC made this choice at the time of the referendum to see whether the drivers should be employed or could remain independent. In Europe, this solution is deployed in France, Switzerland and London. Uber is now using it as a priority where there are high demands on the independence of drivers or authorities.

On the consumer side, a delay is noticed before a ride is accepted. Many drivers first look at the journey order and do not accept it if it does not fit in their alley. The mobility orientation bill, known as LOM, was finally passed in France by the House of Representatives. Designed as a toolbox for transport authorities, the LOM can stimulate the rise of carpooling and car-sharing. It also provides for the deployment of MaaS (mobility as a service) applications and determines the access of certain data.

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The LOM states that self-employed persons have a right to decide for themselves which journeys they take. They should be able to choose their own working hours and in any case be able to refuse a journey order. They must also be informed of the minimum price they will receive for the service and the distance to be covered. All facilities aimed at improving the working conditions of these self-employed persons.

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The technology platform aims to improve the independence and decision-making power of its drivers.
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