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Kijlstra Zorgvervoer has been commissioned by the Dutch Transplantation Foundation (NTS) for the road transport of organs and transplant teams in the Northern Netherlands. Kijlstra was judged best in the European tender for the price-quality ratio. The contract will start on 1 January 2022 for a period of four years, with a possible extension of four years. 

proud as a peacock

According to the trade magazine Passenger Transport Magazine is director Rudy Verwoert as proud as a peacock after winning the order to provide emergency journeys for organ donations for half of the country. “We are extremely happy with this award decision by NTS”, says director Rudy Verwoert. “This European tender is a great boost for our company and provides additional employment.” Transporting organs and transplant teams is nothing new for Kijlstra. As a subcontractor of Witte Kruis Transplant from The Hague, this specialist transport has been embedded in the organization for fourteen years.

coordinating and executing organ transport

Kijlstra is like direct businesses of NTS responsible for coordinating and executing organ transport. 20 drivers are employed for this, who can be deployed immediately as soon as a donation procedure starts. Organ transport fits seamlessly into the logistics process. In addition to their driver card, all Kijlstra drivers also have completed training for driving with optical and sound signals (OGS), making emergency transport possible.

about NTS

The Dutch Transplantation Foundation works to improve organ and tissue donation and tissue transplantation. This foundation supports donor hospitals and transplant centers in the Netherlands.

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With organ transport, everything has to go very fast