Bus transport Netherlands believes that the government should extend the corona support for coach companies, since bus passengers still have to wear a mask. A large part of the travelers will stay away as long as the mask obligation remains in the coach, argues the branch organization.

“The cabinet maintains a restrictive measure, while we can work very well with corona checks. Then it seems logical to me that entrepreneurs can continue to make use of the support measures," says chairman Theo Vegter. “After all, people are also thinking about this for other sectors, such as the events sector.”

The coach sector has been hit hard by the corona crisis. Travel restrictions have dramatically reduced the demand for transportation. And because events were canceled, schools were closed for long periods and passengers also looked out of the tree with regard to day trips, the entrepreneurs, according to Bus Transport Netherlands, made virtually nothing for a long time. Many bus companies would now be up to their necks. “The fact that the mask obligation remains, ensures that the little money that entrepreneurs can earn in the autumn will probably also remain out of sight.”

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