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This year, the ANWB Alarm Center received more reports in the summer season than in 2020 from Dutch people who got into trouble abroad. However, in terms of the number of reports, the ANWB is not yet at the level of 2019. That was the last busy summer.

The number of requests for help from Dutch people who were stranded with a breakdown abroad was 90% compared to 2019. Many Dutch people spent their holiday in their own country or left by car to a holiday destination in Europe. Most breakdowns came from France (31%), Germany (20%), Italy (12%), Belgium (8,6%) and Austria (5,8%). 

It was striking that the stability of the corona measures in Italy resulted in an increase of just under 20% in roadside assistance. Germany, on the other hand, showed a decrease of 14,7% in roadside assistance compared to 2019. That country introduced a quarantine obligation for Dutch people who were not vaccinated. 

Travelers in some countries also ran into problems when test results expired during a car breakdown that could not be solved within a few hours. Or travelers were faced with problems because they suddenly had to stay longer than 24 hours in a transit country and had to take additional measures to meet the entry requirements. The seventeen Dutch roadside assistance services that were active in popular holiday areas in France and Italy got 1004 cars working again.

Top five bad luck cases

  1. Puncture
  2. Indicator lights on 
  3. Vehicle does not start 
  4. Vehicle falters or loses power
  5. Battery problems

The effect of corona was also clearly noticeable in the field of personal assistance. The number of reports from distant destinations is still lagging due to the many travel restrictions. It is true that more requests for help have been received than in 2020, but the emergency center is not yet at the 'normal' level. This summer, the ANWB received approximately 50% of the number of requests for assistance compared to 2019.

Top five complaints/injuries

  1. stomach problems
  2. heart problems
  3. arm injury
  4. lung diseases 
  5. Fever

Since 1959, the ANWB Emergency Center has been the point of contact for Dutch people who need help abroad. The Emergency Center has offices in The Hague and Assen. There are support points in Munich, Lyon, Barcelona and Athens, according to the ANWB.

Photo above: ANWB image bank.

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