GreenMo Group, European market leader in electric delivery vehicles, today announces that it has completed the acquisition of main supplier Helmstadt. The expansion of GreenMo Group strengthens the Dutch market position of the company both in the North Holland region and with Helmstadt customers, such as the municipalities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, the National Police and PostNL.

International leasing service GreenMo sorts for supermarket deliveries

GreenMo Group, active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France and Austria, announces today that it has completed the acquisition of Helmstadt. The family business Helmstadt, which was founded in 1894, supplies and maintains nearly 2.500 vehicles for customers such as Defense, the municipalities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, IJsselstein and Haarlem, the National Police, Unilever, PostNL and the top six leasing companies. More than 90 percent of the vehicles are electric. The company has been a purveyor to the Royal Decree for 26 years and already supplied the first electric vehicles in the 60s.

Leased vehicles for parcel and grocery delivery

GreenMo, which maintains more than 30.000 electric vehicles at customers such as Just Eat Takeaway (, Domino's and De Beren, not only strengthens the market position in the Netherlands with the acquisition, but also sorts the company for the lease of vehicles for package. - and grocery delivery. Helmstadt is a supplier of so-called Lightweight Electric Vehicles (LEVs), the type of delivery vehicle that is also used by online supermarkets such as Crisp and Picnic.

“With 126 years of experience, Helmstadt brings important knowledge to the table. The experienced team and the high-quality vehicles are an asset to GreenMo, as is the significant customer base that the company has been able to build up. In addition, Helmstadt has an important geographic market position in the Netherlands for GreenMo. ”

Within GreenMo Group, Michael Mica will focus on business development from the current Helmstadt office in Amsterdam. After the head office in Waardenburg, the location forms the second base for GreenMo and will continue to service the vehicles in the North Holland region.

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“In 126 years we have grown from a craft company in two-wheelers to a tech company in motorized transport. But always with service and quality of paramount importance. And with GreenMo as a partner, we will continue to do so with our team for the entire Group. ”

GreenMo Group was founded in 2013 and is the market leader in the rental of electric vehicles, including scooters, cargo scooters, vans and bicycles. GreenMo Group is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France and Austria and focuses mainly on last-mile delivery of meals, mail and parcels.

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